Trekking on Ararat - starting from the border with Georgia

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Day 1: From Georgian border to Dogubayazit
We will meet at the border crossing in Aktas and we will start to drive to Dogubayazit. On the way we can stop near beautiful Cildir Lake for taking photos and eating lunch. Upon arriving to Dogubayazit we will check-in at our hotel and drive to visit Ishak Pasha Palace - one of the most important palaces in Ottoman history, built in 17th century. At the evening we will have dinner in local restaurant.
Overnight at a hotel in Dogubayazit.

Day 2: From Dogubayazit to Ararat Camp 1
In the morning we will have a nutritious breakfast at the hotel. After meal we will pack all the equipment and drive by minibus from the hotel to Cevirme village at 2200 m. Then we will walk to Ararat Camp 1 located at an elevation 3200 m (our equipment will be transported by horses). When we will reach the camp (after 3-4 hours of walking) we will drink tea or coffee and eat some snacks. Later we will set up our tents and have a rest. At the evening we will have hot meal.
Overnight in tents at Camp 1.

Day 3: Acclimatization on Mount Ararat
That day, after good breakfast on the campsite, we will take lunch packets and our small backpacks and start to climb to the elevation 4200 m (Camp 2). After reaching higher camp we will have some rest and then we will return to Camp 1. It will help us to adapt better to high altitude and minimize a risk of altitude sickness.
Dinner and second overnight at Camp 1.

Day 4: Ascent to Ararat Camp 2 at 4200 m
After breakfast we will start ascent to climb to Camp 2 located at 4200 m. Equipment will be transported by horses. We should reach Ararat Camp 2 within 4-5 hours. When we will reach the campsite we will set up our tents and have a dinner. That day we should go to sleep early so that we can have a good rest before the tiring climb that awaits us on the following day.
Overnight in tents on Camp 2.

Day 5: Summit day
We will start climbing early in the morning (1 or 2 a.m.). Within 5-7 hours we should reach Mount Ararat summit at 5137 m (depending on weather condition and pace of the group members). Crampons may be needed for the last 200-300 m.
Afterwards we will return to Camp 2, where we will eat meal and have 1-2 hours rest. Then we will pack the equipment and walk down near Cevirme village, where driver will wait for us. We will back to Dogubayazit.
Overnight at the hotel in Dogubayazit.

Day 6: Van city tour
After breakfast at the hotel we will drive to Van. On the way we can stop by Muradiye Waterfall, to take few photos and drink tea. We will pass Van city and drive to Gevas, to take a boat trip to Akdamar Island and visit Church of the Holy Cross, which was built by Armenians in the tenth century. Then we will back to Van for having lunch and visiting stunning Urartian Castle. From this place we will get amazing view of Van Lake.
After sightseeing of Van area we will return to Dogubayazit. Dinner and overnight in Dogubayazit.

Day 7: Kars and Ani tour, transfer to border crossing with Georgia
We will wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast and then we will drive to Kars. First we will visit city centre of Kars, then - Kars Castle (12th-century Seljuk fortress) and Kumbet Camii, which was originally built as a Church of Apostles in the 10th century.
Afterwards we will drive to visit the ruins of Ani - ancient Capital City of Armenian Kingdom. We will see its impressive fortified walls still encircling the ruins of numerous churches, mosques and caravanserais.
Transfer to Georgian border. End of the tour.